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Who are your Best Prospects?

Posted by Published on December 25, 2020

Your best prospects are those in your niche. Problem is they may be very happy right were they are. I am an Affiliate Marketer in SFI. I have been so since 2012. I am very happy “right were I am”. Who are my best prospects? Other Affiliate Marketers. Why? because they want to do Affiliate Marketing, they have Affiliate Marketing experience, and they have Affiliate…

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How To Generate High Quality Leads

Posted by Published on October 6, 2020

High quality leads are worth learning to generate. This can set you apart from the competition in a big way. There are a few simple steps you will want to make sure you are handling to generate the best leads you possibly can. This article digs in to how you get that done. The first step to make sure you get right is targeting your…

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