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Do you Know your Sponsor?

The Money Is In The Follow Up
No it’s in the Follow-up

I have joined many Free Ad Sites, over 450 to be truthful. Need some ad sites to join? Click Here. If you join, I will be your sponsor and you will be able to say, “I know my Sponsor”

But I was thinking today about Ads-Messenger. I have no idea who my sponsor is. In most my ad sites I have no idea who my sponsor is. Do you know who your sponsor is in any solo list like Ads-Messenger?

But I do know the owner, Gnana Prakash.
How about the Owner of Your Success Advantage? Matthew Graves
How about the owner of Build My Down Lines? Darren Olander
How about the owner of My Free Text Ads? Dave Mosher
How about Free Advertising For You? Jason Wise

I even know most of them by site from their Profile Pictures. But in none of the sites above do I know my Sponsor. There is a problem there. Do you see it?

People like Gnana succeed, and people like you and me fail because… We post affiliate URLs and hope people buy or join. We are not Capturing  the prospect’s email. We cannot FOLLOW-UP with that prospect. But Gnana can.

Our Prospect becomes the Site Owners Customer. Yeah you get some commissions, maybe, but probably not. The Site owner will get the Lions Share of the Money. You get emails from the site owners everyday to join their other sites, right? They even sweeten the pot with Ad credits at their current site. In all these sites they will be your sponsor, not the guy who recruited you to the original site. That’s Okay, But…
The money is not in the LIST. The MONEY IS IN THE FOLLOW-UP! And the owner is doing all the followup. In Gnana case he has over 10,000 on the list of Ads-Messenger.

If you are not building your own list, you cannot follow up with your prospects. You are losing Money. Worse you are giving it away to someone else.

Online Marketing is a BUSINESS.  An Autoresponder is a TOOL. You must have the Tool in order to do the business!

A plumber without a wrench would see his business fail. A Carpenter without a hammer would not succeed. 

An online marketer without a list building email auto responder program WILL FAIL.

Get this free step by step. It will have you up and running, building a list in 30 minutes or less.

Don’t waste time reading my post, start launching your own, for real, online business. 

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Who are your Best Prospects?

George McBride

Your best prospects are those in your niche. Problem is they may be very happy right were they are. I am an Affiliate Marketer in SFI. I have been so since 2012. I am very happy “right were I am”.

Who are my best prospects? Other Affiliate Marketers. Why? because they want to do Affiliate Marketing, they have Affiliate Marketing experience, and they have Affiliate Marketing skills.

I am not asking people to leave their company and join mine. What I am doing is targeting people that have joined an Affiliate Marketing business in the past.

As you well know, most people that join an Affiliate Marketing company like SFI end up inactive in less than 6 months, and maybe in one week. The odds are that most people you talk to are not going to be active with a company, hence they are free to join you.

You see to succeed in Affiliate Marketing it takes more than just joining a good company; it also takes having the right recruiting strategies and the right Box of Tools.

So talking to other Affiliate Marketers is a great way to find people that are sold on the industry and want to achieve success as much as you do.

This is where you come in, if you are with a good company and you are able to provide great leadership and support then you are able to help a lot of people to get what they want. And you help enough people get what they want, you will win in the process as well. This is a win-win situation.

Now you will also come across people that are not open to looking at your opportunity. People that are focused and happy with their current program just like you.

These people are not open to looking at anything right now and you want to respect that. You do not need to “sell them” on your business. You do not need them to see why your business as so much better than theirs.

What you want to do is help them succeed at their business. And this is the importance of your Tool Box. This is why you must use your tools, know your tools and be ready to make your tools available to others.

For example, I use TrafficWave another thing I am sure you know well. I met Ken. Ken was busy in his business and had no interest in my business. So I asked him what is your best email marketing tool to connect with new prospects. He said he did not use email that much.

I explained what I was doing and he began using TrafficWave. His list is now over 3000 strong. Then he texted me a question. He needed to do more with TrafficWave. He said if TrafficWave can’t do it he would need to switch to another program.

Well I use TrafficWave extensively. I showed him a few of my promotions and he said, “Wow! Just saw it now. Good stuff! How was this done?” I proceeded to show him exactly how to do it. Then he worked on his promotions and wrote, “Finally I’ve learned how to do it…makes my life a lot easier.”

Now what if I did not use TrafficWave that much? What if I only promoted it hoping to make money? I would make a little bit. But I suspect Affiliates would come and go and real earnings would never be achieved.

Why is Ken still with me in TrafficWave? Because I was able to solve his problem. Leaders Lead. In any industry successful Leaders Lead.

I have other tools, like this blog, my hosting site, my customized splash pages, and more. Each of these would be useful to Ken. Do you think he would want to learn from me? Buy from me? Well he does.

Two things happen for you when you work like this:

  1. You can make some money if they decide to use the tools you use in their own business… nice. You are getting paid from someone that is not open to looking at your business… that is way cool.
  2. You get a chance to keep in touch with them. This keeps the door open for you to invite them to try out some of your products or services that you offer. Also if something was to change and they needed to look for a new company then you will be the first place they look at sometime in the future.

It’s all about building relationships and connecting with people. If you recruit people in your niche to your program, and if not your program, to your tool box, you will be building relationships in a big way. Plus with your tool box well filled and well used, you will be giving your team the same opportunity.

Two questions for you,

  1. Is the company that you are with at this moment the very first company that you have ever joined?
  2. Is your sponsor in that company/program the very first person that introduced you to Affiliate Marketing?

Please drop your answer, and comments below.

Here is my Guess: NO. I figure here is a 90% chance that is your answer to both questions… What that means is there are lots of good quality motivated people like yourself waiting for you to come into their life.

One last request.
What’s in Your ToolBox? Let me know in the comments below.

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How To Generate High Quality Leads

George McBride
Our Life Blood is New Prospects

High quality leads are worth learning to generate. This can set you apart from the competition in a big way. There are a few simple steps you will want to make sure you are handling to generate the best leads you possibly can. This article digs in to how you get that done.

The first step to make sure you get right is targeting your advertising so that you are reaching your target market. For example, if you are selling fishing gear, your ads would most likely do well in publications, blog, and groups targeting fishing enthusiasts. It would make nearly as much sense to spend your time and money advertising on a quilting site.

The ads you run and links you share should direct prospects to a capture page; not a registration page. One of the biggest mistakes I see in advertising is someone linking their ad directly to a registration page. Network marketers typically make the mistake of advertising a page that shows a compensation plan. Instead, make sure your ad links visitors to a page where you can capture their interest so they can fill out a form to learn more.

A high quality lead is someone who specially clicked your ad because they were interested in learning more. Then, they filled out our capture form to request more information.

This is where your next step comes in. Begin building a relationship with your leads. Show them that you understand their challenges and can provide a solution. Someone filling out your form is no guarantee they will buy from you. It is a guarantee that you now have an opportunity to build rapport and add value. The odds of this lead buying from you goes up the more they feel they know, like, and trust you.

When one of your high quality leads emails or calls you with a question, respond quickly so they know you are real and accessible. Some of my biggest deals were closed simply because was the one that followed up with the prospect. This is why I truly believe the fortune is  in the followup!

When you have your own blog or site and you consistently create new targeted content, you are taking big steps to generate high quality leads for your offer. The leads you generate a MUCH better than any leads you buy. It is absolutely worth the time to build your own list of high quality leads and take your business to the next level.