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George McBride
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This free autoresponder course is designed to show you how simple it can be to set up a system to generate new leads, follow up with prospects, and drive new sales for your business.

Putting autoresponders to work in your business is a great, great idea. What business doesn’t want, doesn’t need, new leads? What business doesn’t want, doesn’t need, to drive sales? Autoresponders that help you get this done can be a huge part of your business growth.

The key is to start with a 100% free online course that takes you through the steps of creating your autoresponder campaign, complete with followup letters, create capture page, and provides tips for driving traffic to your capture page.

Once these steps are learned, you can follow the same process for virtually any offer you have.

This puts you in the position of being able to generate leads and drive sales for any offer you may have or create in the future.

The key is to get started and follow the steps.

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The 30 Minute List Building Challenge

We call it The 30 Minute List Building Challenge because you can go from start to finish and be building a list within 30 minutes or less! Some have done it in less than 10 minutes!

Getting started is free. 30 minutes to start your List Generation, 30 Days to use it free.

Affiliate Marketing

Do you Know your Sponsor?

The Money Is In The Follow Up
No it’s in the Follow-up

I have joined many Free Ad Sites, over 450 to be truthful. Need some ad sites to join? Click Here. If you join, I will be your sponsor and you will be able to say, “I know my Sponsor”

But I was thinking today about Ads-Messenger. I have no idea who my sponsor is. In most my ad sites I have no idea who my sponsor is. Do you know who your sponsor is in any solo list like Ads-Messenger?

But I do know the owner, Gnana Prakash.
How about the Owner of Your Success Advantage? Matthew Graves
How about the owner of Build My Down Lines? Darren Olander
How about the owner of My Free Text Ads? Dave Mosher
How about Free Advertising For You? Jason Wise

I even know most of them by site from their Profile Pictures. But in none of the sites above do I know my Sponsor. There is a problem there. Do you see it?

People like Gnana succeed, and people like you and me fail because… We post affiliate URLs and hope people buy or join. We are not Capturing  the prospect’s email. We cannot FOLLOW-UP with that prospect. But Gnana can.

Our Prospect becomes the Site Owners Customer. Yeah you get some commissions, maybe, but probably not. The Site owner will get the Lions Share of the Money. You get emails from the site owners everyday to join their other sites, right? They even sweeten the pot with Ad credits at their current site. In all these sites they will be your sponsor, not the guy who recruited you to the original site. That’s Okay, But…
The money is not in the LIST. The MONEY IS IN THE FOLLOW-UP! And the owner is doing all the followup. In Gnana case he has over 10,000 on the list of Ads-Messenger.

If you are not building your own list, you cannot follow up with your prospects. You are losing Money. Worse you are giving it away to someone else.

Online Marketing is a BUSINESS.  An Autoresponder is a TOOL. You must have the Tool in order to do the business!

A plumber without a wrench would see his business fail. A Carpenter without a hammer would not succeed. 

An online marketer without a list building email auto responder program WILL FAIL.

Get this free step by step. It will have you up and running, building a list in 30 minutes or less.

Don’t waste time reading my post, start launching your own, for real, online business.