Affiliate Marketing with SFI, Email Marketing with TrafficWave

George McBride
I Use Email Marketing

To make money online I use 3 Key Components.

An Affiliate Product Source – I use SFI as my Primary Source for Products, Services, and Entertainment.

Web Hosting – for customized email, Landing Pages, Blog and Splash Pages. I use GDI.

And an Email Marketing Platform – to build my list and to consistently engage my prospects. I use TrafficWave.

There are many reasons I use TrafficWave. First and foremost is: You want your affiliate marketing business to grow. Helping businesses grow is what TrafficWave is all about. Let’s look at how we help you grow your business.

The biggest and most important on our list of reasons to use Trafficwave is:

Lead Generation I have never come across a business that didn’t need and want more leads. No matter what your business sells, you need customers. Lead generation is how we find new customers. Lead generation really is a fairly simple process. Even if you do not have your own web site or blog, you can begin online lead generation with a simple hosted capture page with TrafficWave.

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