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How To Generate High Quality Leads

George McBride
Our Life Blood is New Prospects

High quality leads are worth learning to generate. This can set you apart from the competition in a big way. There are a few simple steps you will want to make sure you are handling to generate the best leads you possibly can. This article digs in to how you get that done.

The first step to make sure you get right is targeting your advertising so that you are reaching your target market. For example, if you are selling fishing gear, your ads would most likely do well in publications, blog, and groups targeting fishing enthusiasts. It would make nearly as much sense to spend your time and money advertising on a quilting site.

The ads you run and links you share should direct prospects to a capture page; not a registration page. One of the biggest mistakes I see in advertising is someone linking their ad directly to a registration page. Network marketers typically make the mistake of advertising a page that shows a compensation plan. Instead, make sure your ad links visitors to a page where you can capture their interest so they can fill out a form to learn more.

A high quality lead is someone who specially clicked your ad because they were interested in learning more. Then, they filled out our capture form to request more information.

This is where your next step comes in. Begin building a relationship with your leads. Show them that you understand their challenges and can provide a solution. Someone filling out your form is no guarantee they will buy from you. It is a guarantee that you now have an opportunity to build rapport and add value. The odds of this lead buying from you goes up the more they feel they know, like, and trust you.

When one of your high quality leads emails or calls you with a question, respond quickly so they know you are real and accessible. Some of my biggest deals were closed simply because was the one that followed up with the prospect. This is why I truly believe the fortune is  in the followup!

When you have your own blog or site and you consistently create new targeted content, you are taking big steps to generate high quality leads for your offer. The leads you generate a MUCH better than any leads you buy. It is absolutely worth the time to build your own list of high quality leads and take your business to the next level.

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