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Tough Realities about Real Business

Are you in a Real Business?

As a Real Business owner I read news about my industry.

Today there was a Headline that said, “E-Commerce Businesses Report Seven Years of Operating Losses

This is an Article from Thailand and is in reference to three companies.. Lazada, Shopee, and JD Central. All three are online companies they are real companies. Just look at their revenue:

Lazada – 51 Billion Thai Baht (USD $1.5 Billion)
Shopee – 21 Billion Thai Baht (USD $604 Million)
and JD Central – 12 Billion Thai Baht (USD $345 Million)

Would you keep at it after 7 years of losses?

Losses is a bad word, lets use expenditures. For all three, their Expenditures exceeded their Revenue by a combined 38.5 Billion Baht (USD $1.1 Billion). Would you do that?

These are successful and very Real Businesses.

A quote from the article: “To run an e-commerce business, companies must have a large capital reserve and be patient, as this is a long-term and intense competition” — © Copyright NNT 2022-06-09

The data showed that the number one expenditure for all three companies was “spending money to gain users.” Their greatest investment is in building their list. Is that your greatest investment of your time and money?

I have been in SFI since 2012. And I have had no losses these past 7 years. I did lose money (my expenditures exceeded my revenue) for 9 months, but since then I have made profits every month. I still have expenditures, but my revenue exceeds those expenditures. 

This is Real Business. Real Work, investment of time and money. But Real Profits.

If it takes no work, it makes no money. This article is Reality. You think you’ll just get rich quick? That is not reality, it is not “your dream”, it is a fantasy. You need to work. The number one place to invest your time and money is to Build Your List.

Build Your List – Build Rapport – Build a Real Income

Email Marketing

Email – Would a Short Video Help?

What if I could show you a quick overview of how other businesses are using the TrafficWave system to generate leads, follow up, and drive sales?

YouTube Video: Who? How? Why Use Email Marketing

I Just made a Sale. A good one. 

I sell Thai Food Online. I have a Facebook Group called I Love Thai Food. I have over 100,000 in that private group. With them I share Recipes. Here is one, Chicken Feet! Below is a screen shot, see my List Building form? Top Right Corner. 

Thai Food Recipe Screen Shot

With these recipes I am promoting a weekly Recipe Newsletter. I also promote 1 or 2 of my products right on the page.

Some people buy “one off” from my recipes posted on Facebook. But you know how a newsfeed works. Will they see my next recipe post? Or maybe they do not return to the group for a week or more? If they join my newsletter I am able to consistently put my products in front of them.

The sale I made today came from this newsletter and it was a Huge Order. More importantly I see orders everyday. Consistent engagement takes the “one off”, chance sale and turns it into a reveue stream. This results on a reliable income. 

No matter what your business you need to be doing email marketing to succeed and make a consistent and reliable income.

Building a Better Future Today.

Email Marketing

What does it Take to Get Results?

Every Affiliate I talk to tells me they want to make money. Makes sense. When I talk to my Top Affiliates in TrafficWave and in SFI, they say the same thing, they want results. When I talk to a brand new Affiliate, you got it, they want results.

We all want results in our affiliate marketing efforts. The key is in learning how to consistently create results. That word: “create” is a very important word. Successful business people know that success isn’t “found”. It is not the result of luck. It is created by the action steps we take on a consistent basis.

Here are 3 essential steps I believe every one of us should be taking if we want to create affiliate marketing results in our businesses. These are the things I am doing on a consistent basis, myself.

1) Training My Mind. Skip this step and none of the other steps will matter. If you want success, you absolutely MUST get your mind straight. How do I do this?

I attend online and offline training events to increase my knowledge of email marketing, affiliate marketing, and list building as well as overall business and success principles.

I read books by and about other successful people. It’s all about getting my mind in line with the way other successful people think.

I engage with like minded people who both benefit and contribute to my personal journey.

There will be tough times. There will be distractions. Life gets busy and things happen. There will be setbacks. Some of the people you thought were going to run with you never take action. Or they quit. There will be the naysayer who slanders your business and business pursuits. I have had them all. You will too.

This is why I MUST train My mind to stay focused on My goals and the processes that will get me there. Without this step, the following 2 steps will not matter. Why? Because that previous paragraph is true.

How do you spot someone with a mind trained for success? They aren’t complaining. They aren’t jumping from one program to another. They aren’t making excuses. They are attending webinars. They are reading personal development books. They are constantly learning and contributing.

2) List Building. Affiliate marketing results depend on list building. I know this is a broken record repeating the same thing over and pver, but it is TRUE.

I use free and paid traffic resources, advertising resources, traffic exchanges, social media, etc… to constantly build my list of prospects who are LOOKING FOR the kind of information I offer. In this case, I am offering information about email marketing, affiliate marketing, and the TrafficWave autoresponder system.

The people I talk to are people who WANT to know more and have requested information. A targeted prospect list is an incredibly valuable business asset and should never be overlooked. One of my mentors said before we have an MVP we need to have an MVA. What’s that mean? Your A – Audience is first and foremost even before your P – Products. (MV is Minimum Viable, but could be Most Valuable too.)

How do I build my list? All of my advertising and posts direct visitors to my capture page where they can request more information. When they fill out the form, they are added to my list for consistent follow up and they get the requested information.

This happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all automatically. By the time I personally hear from someone, they have typically seen my videos, read my information, and may have a few questions. Maybe they just want to see if I’m real and will actually reply to an email. This makes it much easier to talk to them AND helps to disqualify those who are not serious.

This means I am always working with workers.

3) Content Creation. When I write articles for my blogs (like the one you are reading now), I will typically focus my content on how to solve a problem. With this blog, the content will typically be about helping businesses who are affiliate marketers and using email marketing. The articles are designed to answer questions and provide solutions.

Most of the time, my articles will also include an option for visitors to request more information by filling out a form. You will see one at the bottom of this article. This takes us back to Step 2 above, build your list.

Along the way, I get to meet new people, make new contacts, even make new friends, and build my lists. This helps build credibility and rapport. That leads to sales. Not everybody who reads my content wants to do business with me. But some do. And that is when the fun starts time and time again!

Take the time to train your mindbuild your lists, and create value in the market place. The Affiliate Marketing Results you create can pay you for years to come.

Email Marketing

Collaboration, Working Together

I have always said “Working Together we All do Better”

Collaboration is a real boost to any business efforts. Today Brian Rooney posted this on his Blog: “George shared some of his experiences…” In Brian’s blog post click my photo or my name to join me in TrafficWave. Read More:…/track-your-results/

I share regularly on Email Marketing Mondays, So does Dan Fox and others. Last week Brian asked me to facilitate the Monday Meeting of Email Marketers.

As we grow in our businesses we learn things. Sharing those things with others helps them in their businesses. Collaborating together we will all do better.You can’t do it alone.

What comes from Collaboration?

  1. Authentication – Brian is the CEO, of course he is going to say TrafficWave is a great product. But when his customers brag on the product it Authenticates the business.
  2. Validation – Brian says “George is doing it” my success is validated to those who might follow my example.
  3. Exposure – Brian’s business is exposed to my network. My business is exposed to his network.
  4. Ideas – Alone the best we come up with is ideas we like. Together we birth ideas that have a real impact in the market place.
  5. Encouragement – Struggling? Listen to the struggles of others who are now very successful and you will see, “He did it. I can do it.”
  6. Answers – There is nothing new under the Sun. Working together you can very well avoid mistakes someone else has made. Or find the answer to a problem you are facing.
Lets Work Together. Meet us this Monday 7PM US Central Time (Tuesday 7AM Thai Time)
Email Marketing

How Other Businesses Use Email Marketing To Grow.

Are you wondering how to use email marketing to build your business? From entertainers to manufacturers, authors to online marketers, more and more businesses are beginning to experience the power of email marketing to generate leads and drive sales. Let’s look at some of these exciting examples of how to use email marketing:

sheri lavo email marketing

Sheri Lavo, a Houston area singer, is using TrafficWave to build her list of fans in and around the Houston area. Each Monday, she sends a broadcast out to her fans to let them know where she will be performing that week.

This always brings in more fans which is good for her and the venues where she is performing.

Fans are regularly thanking her for her email updates because they love coming to hear her perform.

alternate mode email marketing

Alternate Mode manufactures a unique set of digital drum and percussion gear. They are  using TrafficWave to build and manage lists of musicians and musical educators.

When they have a new instrument to offer, or a new event to promote, they send out a broadcast to their list and typically see sales coming in within minutes.

Dothan Ice Cream Email marketing

Dothan Ice Cream Company sells unique ice cream pops in Dothan Alabama. From family events, local events, weddings, corporate parties, and more, Dothan Ice Cream Company is dedicated to creating lasting memories.

They use their TrafficWave AutoResponder to send out a regular newsletter to announce new flavors, special offers, and local events. They’ve recently begun shipping ice pops wholesale to retail outlets.

Tony Micelli email marketing

Internationally renowned vibraphonist Tony Miceli has been performing steadily on the jazz scene since 1980.  In All About Jazz, Vic Schermer describes him as … “a vibraphonist of astonishing virtuosity, musical resilience, and inventiveness. His vibes playing is nothing short of phenomenal.”is an accomplished musician and teacher who uses his TrafficWave Autoresponder to keep fans informed, promote workshops, sell educational books, promote events, etc…

Tony uses TrafficWave to build and communicate with his fan base, promote special events, workshops, and more.

shelley hitz email marketing

Shelley Hitz has published over 50 books and has personally authored over 40 of them. In addition to being an author, Shelley has trained many authors to get that next book idea out of their heads an on to the paper.

Shelley uses TrafficWave to promote her books as well as her classes for upcoming authors.

We are excited to have Shelley with us and look forward to her next release.

Ben Olszewski email marketing

Ben Olszewski is a successful swim coach in Washington. Using his TrafficWave AutoResponder, he began building a list of online marketing enthusiasts. He recently put together an online marketing program and ran a broadcast out to his subscribers. His system has already reached the point of creating a 5 figure annual online income.

This is in addition to the other Affiliate offers he sends to his lists and his TrafficWave Affiliate income he earns by referring other business owners and entrepreneurs to our site.

Chase Swift email marketing

Chase Swift has been a professional nature and wildlife stock photographer for over 30 years. His photos, represented internationally by and, have appeared in a wide variety of publications. Chase uses his TrafficWave AutoResponder to build and manage lists of photography and videography fans, online marketers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

He also shows other entrepreneurs how to build their lists with TrafficWave and earns regular ongoing residual commissions as a result.

Would you like to use email marketing to start growing your business? Fill out the form below to receive our free report that shows you how to use email marketing to grow your business.

Affiliate Marketing

How Much Can You Earn as a TrafficWave Affiliate

Earn As A TrafficWave Affiliate

If you are wondering how much you can earn as a TrafficWave Affiliate, this article is for you.

Before we go any further, it is important that you understand that this article is specifically written for those Affiliates who want to create solid profitable residual income. If you are one of those waiting for your “team leader” to give you spillover, you should not expect to realize significant income levels. If you are a builder and you understand the value of hard work and consistent effort, you will want to see what is available to you as you begin to earn as a TrafficWave Affiliate.

Your first and primary goal is, of course, to use these powerful tools to build your lists, follow up with your prospects, and drive sales for your business.

As you are using these tools to build your lists and drive sales in your primary business, you can create a campaign dedicated to showing others how to use these tools to build their lists, follow up with their prospects, and drive sales for their business.

Network marketers and Affiliate marketers can do very well with this approach. For $17.95 per month, you have access to powerful email marketing autoresponders that you can use to build your primary business and create additional income by showing your downline how to do the same thing. Customers pay no extra fees to become Affiliates.

So, have you really looked at what is available through the TrafficWave Affiliate Plan?

There are 4 ways for you to earn as a TrafficWave Affiliate and will go over them with you, now:

FIRST: Fast Track Bonuses This is a commission we pay you for bringing us a new Active referral. An Active referral is someone who has paid for their account. If they register as a Free Trial User, there is no sales volume to pay commissions on. Once they upgrade, or if they join as a paid member, the Fast Track Bonus is 100% of the sales volume. There Is No Limit To The Amount Of Money You Can Earn in Fast Track Bonuses! We have seen those who earn a Fast Track Bonus for $17.95 based on one active new sale and we have seen those who earn thousands of dollars in Fast Track Bonuses based on bringing many new active sales.

Example: Refer just 1 new active sale and receive a $17.95 Fast Track Bonus.

Refer 10 new active sales and receive $179.50 in Fast Track Bonuses.

Refer 100 new active sales and receive $1,795.00 in Fast Track Bonuses.

Refer 1,000 new active sales and received $17,950.00 in Fast Track Bonuses.

SECOND: Monthly Residual Income Each month that your referrals pay their monthly subscription of $17.95, you are paid a residual income as detailed in our Affiliate Plan page. This particular part of the plan does cap out at over $80,000 per month.

THIRD: Leadership Bonuses Zig Ziglar is quoted as saying, “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” Our Leadership Bonus rewards you for helping your referrals succeed. As you progress through the ranks, you can begin earning 25% or 50% of the Monthly Regular Commissions earned by your personally referred Affiliates. There is no limit to what you can earn in Leadership Bonuses. The more Affiliates you refer and help build, the higher your bonus can go.FOURTH: Guaranteed Traffic Sales When you refer customers to your Guaranteed Visitors URL, you earn 10% on every sale you refer. There is no limit to the amount you can earn through this system.As you can see, not only is it possible for you to earn as a TrafficWave Affiliate, but it is possible … for those willing to put in the work …. to build a considerable long-term residual income with no limits.

More Tips:

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