Email Marketing

How Other Businesses Use Email Marketing To Grow.

Are you wondering how to use email marketing to build your business? From entertainers to manufacturers, authors to online marketers, more and more businesses are beginning to experience the power of email marketing to generate leads and drive sales. Let’s look at some of these exciting examples of how to use email marketing:

sheri lavo email marketing

Sheri Lavo, a Houston area singer, is using TrafficWave to build her list of fans in and around the Houston area. Each Monday, she sends a broadcast out to her fans to let them know where she will be performing that week.

This always brings in more fans which is good for her and the venues where she is performing.

Fans are regularly thanking her for her email updates because they love coming to hear her perform.

alternate mode email marketing

Alternate Mode manufactures a unique set of digital drum and percussion gear. They are  using TrafficWave to build and manage lists of musicians and musical educators.

When they have a new instrument to offer, or a new event to promote, they send out a broadcast to their list and typically see sales coming in within minutes.

Dothan Ice Cream Email marketing

Dothan Ice Cream Company sells unique ice cream pops in Dothan Alabama. From family events, local events, weddings, corporate parties, and more, Dothan Ice Cream Company is dedicated to creating lasting memories.

They use their TrafficWave AutoResponder to send out a regular newsletter to announce new flavors, special offers, and local events. They’ve recently begun shipping ice pops wholesale to retail outlets.

Tony Micelli email marketing

Internationally renowned vibraphonist Tony Miceli has been performing steadily on the jazz scene since 1980.  In All About Jazz, Vic Schermer describes him as … “a vibraphonist of astonishing virtuosity, musical resilience, and inventiveness. His vibes playing is nothing short of phenomenal.”is an accomplished musician and teacher who uses his TrafficWave Autoresponder to keep fans informed, promote workshops, sell educational books, promote events, etc…

Tony uses TrafficWave to build and communicate with his fan base, promote special events, workshops, and more.

shelley hitz email marketing

Shelley Hitz has published over 50 books and has personally authored over 40 of them. In addition to being an author, Shelley has trained many authors to get that next book idea out of their heads an on to the paper.

Shelley uses TrafficWave to promote her books as well as her classes for upcoming authors.

We are excited to have Shelley with us and look forward to her next release.

Ben Olszewski email marketing

Ben Olszewski is a successful swim coach in Washington. Using his TrafficWave AutoResponder, he began building a list of online marketing enthusiasts. He recently put together an online marketing program and ran a broadcast out to his subscribers. His system has already reached the point of creating a 5 figure annual online income.

This is in addition to the other Affiliate offers he sends to his lists and his TrafficWave Affiliate income he earns by referring other business owners and entrepreneurs to our site.

Chase Swift email marketing

Chase Swift has been a professional nature and wildlife stock photographer for over 30 years. His photos, represented internationally by and, have appeared in a wide variety of publications. Chase uses his TrafficWave AutoResponder to build and manage lists of photography and videography fans, online marketers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

He also shows other entrepreneurs how to build their lists with TrafficWave and earns regular ongoing residual commissions as a result.

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