Email Marketing

Collaboration, Working Together

I have always said “Working Together we All do Better”

Collaboration is a real boost to any business efforts. Today Brian Rooney posted this on his Blog: “George shared some of his experiences…” In Brian’s blog post click my photo or my name to join me in TrafficWave. Read More:…/track-your-results/

I share regularly on Email Marketing Mondays, So does Dan Fox and others. Last week Brian asked me to facilitate the Monday Meeting of Email Marketers.

As we grow in our businesses we learn things. Sharing those things with others helps them in their businesses. Collaborating together we will all do better.You can’t do it alone.

What comes from Collaboration?

  1. Authentication – Brian is the CEO, of course he is going to say TrafficWave is a great product. But when his customers brag on the product it Authenticates the business.
  2. Validation – Brian says “George is doing it” my success is validated to those who might follow my example.
  3. Exposure – Brian’s business is exposed to my network. My business is exposed to his network.
  4. Ideas – Alone the best we come up with is ideas we like. Together we birth ideas that have a real impact in the market place.
  5. Encouragement – Struggling? Listen to the struggles of others who are now very successful and you will see, “He did it. I can do it.”
  6. Answers – There is nothing new under the Sun. Working together you can very well avoid mistakes someone else has made. Or find the answer to a problem you are facing.
Lets Work Together. Meet us this Monday 7PM US Central Time (Tuesday 7AM Thai Time)