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Email – Would a Short Video Help?

What if I could show you a quick overview of how other businesses are using the TrafficWave system to generate leads, follow up, and drive sales?

YouTube Video: Who? How? Why Use Email Marketing

I Just made a Sale. A good one. 

I sell Thai Food Online. I have a Facebook Group called I Love Thai Food. I have over 100,000 in that private group. With them I share Recipes. Here is one, Chicken Feet! Below is a screen shot, see my List Building form? Top Right Corner. 

Thai Food Recipe Screen Shot

With these recipes I am promoting a weekly Recipe Newsletter. I also promote 1 or 2 of my products right on the page.

Some people buy “one off” from my recipes posted on Facebook. But you know how a newsfeed works. Will they see my next recipe post? Or maybe they do not return to the group for a week or more? If they join my newsletter I am able to consistently put my products in front of them.

The sale I made today came from this newsletter and it was a Huge Order. More importantly I see orders everyday. Consistent engagement takes the “one off”, chance sale and turns it into a reveue stream. This results on a reliable income. 

No matter what your business you need to be doing email marketing to succeed and make a consistent and reliable income.

Building a Better Future Today.

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