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Grow Your Business With A Newsletter

Marketing with a Newsletter

Newsletter publishing helps your business grow. Whether you run a large corporation or a small home-based business as a solo-entreprenuer, publishing your own online newsletter can be a great way to grow your business.

And it’s actually a lot easier than you might think.

Some of the benefits you can expect from newsletter publishing include:

  • Improved Credibility. 
    Publishing your own online newsletter keeps your company name in front of your best customers and prospects. This sort of exposure can help build your credibility.
  • Reduced Marketing Expenses.
    The cost of online newsletter publishing is significantly lower than printing and mailing paper-based newsletters.
  • Reduce Distribution Time.
    Once the design is completed, your online newsletter can be sent out with the click of your mouse. No waiting for printing, sorting, postage, deliveries, etc…
  • Instant Feedback.
    With the speed of the Internet, you can track any feedback or responses to your online newsletter almost instantly. List segmentation tools let you know how many people opened your newsletter and how many people clicked through to your site or offer page.

How To Get Started

Steps for you to consider:

  1. Content
  2. Audience
  3. Process

Content: If you are watching your market and involved with their needs, your market should already be giving you a number of ideas on what to cover in your newsletter. A dentist might send out regular dental hygiene tips. An insurance company might send out tips on insurance policies, options, or financial investment tips. A veterinarian might send out tips on how to care for animals. A business coach might send out tips on personal development or promotion.

One good way to find ideas is to go through your emails and look through the questions your clients and prospects have asked. These emails provide great starting points and could provide ideas for several newsletters.

Decide on how often you will publish your newsletter. Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly are typically the most preferred delivery schedules. Your market and feedback will help you decide on the best schedule for your newsletter. The key is to be consistent and keep your prospects and clients informed with relevant and timely information.

Audience: Once you’ve decided on a schedule, format, and content, the next step is to begin building your list of subscribers.

Start with your existing customers. Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter by filling out a subscription form at your web site. You can use services like the TrafficWave AutoResponder System to build and manage your subscriber lists.

You can also invite visitors to your site to subscribe by filling out the same form at your web site.

If you send out direct mail, add a note and invitation to your next mailing.

Be sure to include an invitation to subscribe on any emails you send out, articles you write, forums you belong to, etc…

Process: By using a service like, you can easily create templates for your newsletter that incorporate your logo, look like your web site, etc..

You can also track the number of times your newsletter is opened and even track the number of click-throughs to your site. This helps you get a good grasp on how well your newsletter is being received and how productive it is being for your business.

To learn more about the AutoResponder system, request our free report by filling out this form.

I would strongly suggest that your news letter is a short “Abstract” with a Read More link to your blog. This allows you to add general advertising to your newsletter and when they see an article they like, they select “Read More” and they go to your blog. This creates engagement (The comments on your blog) and target ads. You focus your ads to their choice in articles.

This increases your ad exposure without overwhelming your prospect with ads. They self-select their interests and your ads target that interest.

For example, My newsletter may have an abstract about 3 things:

  1. Questions that Lead to Engagement
  2. List Building or Social Media
  3. Market Value of QR codes

They select their area of interest and see ads targeted to that selection. Also using a blog to support your newsletter enables you to direct “past articles of interest” in your newsletter. The result, your Newsletter is full of great content but your not constantly creating tons of content.

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