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Trying to Find the Invisible Buyer

Are your prospects invisible? If so how will you find them?

Or are you/your products invisible to the Buyer? If so why would they purchase?

The hardest thing for most of us is we cannot see our prospects. If we cannot see them I am sure they do not see us. You know exactly what I mean. Just ask yourself how many 100s of ads do you ignore everyday?

We are so excited. We put together our first ad copy, our first ad graphics and we throw it out there. And we wait, sure we’ll make a sale. But nothing happens our ad is invisible. You know why?

Because we did not give it to someone, we ‘threw it out there”. we think if we throw it in front of 100,000 people I am sure to make a sale. Or maybe 100,000 people ignore it. Might as well of thrown it out into the wide blue ocean, it sinks straight to the bottom never to be seen.

Instead of “throwing it out there” you need to talk with someone. You need to communicate with a person. You need to know that person and that person needs to know you. The very best thing you can do to increase sales is to increase the number of people you know, who know you and you are communicating.

As you come to know, like and trust each other, you learn how you might help this person. This person sees you as someone who might help them. and a transaction can occur.

This is why I spend so much time building my subscriber list. Through Social Media (Facebook Groups) and my email program. Through these communication channels we get to know one another.

Two Examples:
Social Media Post on Butterfly Pea Tea. I mentioned this Tea in a recipe (I do not sell it). One person checked out the benefits, shared them and asked, “Where can I buy this?” Bingo. This prospect is no longer invisible. I see him. I reply, “I know a farm locally that grows/makes this. I will see if I can get some to list in my store.” He sees me. and 3 others “watching” joined in and said, I want some too.

Email Subscriber List – I have a email course on how to market using email. One subscriber wrote me and said, “I do not have a list, but I want to build one. I just have one question, where would I find real products I can sell to that list?” Bingo. My reply SFI Affiliate Marketig. Real products from Household Cleaner to Toothpaste. From Games to Auctions. From Cooking classes to Copy Writing. SFI has whatever your prospect needs.

See your prospect and be seen by them.

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I have never been seriously looking at advertising or making sales- I am not cut for it. I just want to help people build a team like what I’m doing at SFI.

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