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How To Write Good Ad Copy

If you really want to get good results, you are going to want to learn how to write good ad copy. The good news is that you can quickly learn this skill and beef up your business results.

First, let’s look at why it is important that you learn how to write good ad copy. Think of advertising like dating. If you’re married, think back to what that time was like for you. If your goal was to get married, you didn’t walk up to a stranger and say, “Hey … do you want to get married to me?”

Seems obvious, right? But so many entrepreneur hopefuls and affiliate marketers seem to be taking this approach with a “Hey! Buy My Stuff!” or “I think you’ll really like this.” Is that a good approach to writing ad copy.

Then you get absolutely terrible results and you give up, or you blame the company, the offer, the product, the internet. But what if you made a change? What if you would learn how to write good ad copy, your results would dramatically improve.

I want to introduce you to AIDA. Who or What is AIDA, you ask? This is the way proven ad copy writers around the world make sure their ad copy is on point. Let’s break it down:

A – Attention. You need to grab your prospect’s attention. And it can’t be you just yelling “buy my stuff” or “join now”. If your ad copy doesn’t grab their attention, you’re sunk. Good ways to capture a prospect’s attention include asking a question, making a statement that shocks them, offering to help solve a problem. You may need to play with this one a bit.

I – Interest. Does your offer even interest your prospects? If they aren’t at least interested in the solution you have, you’re not going to get anywhere. Your ad copy needs to generate interest from your potential client. Maybe a success story would come in handy here. Maybe a story about how you can help solve a problem. Maybe a review from another client or customer. Like capturing attention, play with your ad copy for best results.

D – Desire. Your ad copy needs to feed in to the desire of your prospect. At this point they are still looking at your ad because you have captured their attention, they have an interest. Now feed their desire. They are asking (in their minds), “What’s in it for me?” Answer that question and you’re one step closer to getting the deal done.

A – Action. This is your Call To Action step. Tell your customer EXACTLY what to do to learn more, get the info, or sign up.

The AIDA approach has been proven over the years. It’s also a good approach to use for writing your follow up letters. Constantly show your prospects how you can help them solve a problem and you will begin to experience results.

It’s worth the time to check your current ad copy, letters, etc… to see what can be tweaked. I have changed a single word in on of my capture forms and I saw my results skyrocket.

I made this tiny small change by doing A/B Testing on my email content.

Don’t quit, Learn. We Are Here To Help.