Yesterday I posted about Bridge Pages. In my example a included a Time Sensitive Bridge. You can see it here if it has not expired.

In that promo above there are three sites each very similar in their layout. You get free Credits in all three. Think about this, if you join all three sites for the free credits how many others have done the same thing?

I assume that these three site have very similar memberships. So if I send the same email to all three sites many of the members may see my email 3 times. That is okay, increases exposure. But this is what I do.

First the email I send to this list is designed to get people on to My Personal Email List (Learn More). Once on my list I can communicate with them repeatedly and I don’t need credits.

Second, I use this to “Split Test” my email promotions. I send the same email to all three sites, but I change the subject lines. And I see which Subject line does the best.


My Pomotion URL –

My three Subject Lines:
Does your Cash Flow In or Out?
The most Important thing for Any Business is…
How I turned my List into an ATM

Then I go to each site and I can check the back office and see Which of the three subject lines gets the most opens. Which ever it is, I use that subject line in all my other solo ads.

I suggest using these sites like that. Email me if you need more instruction.

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