Affiliate Marketing

934,463,632 Tokens Waiting For You

Millions in Rewardical Tokens

That gets your attention doesn’t it? Or maybe you think this is some kind of Scam Letter about my husband who died and was the head of a Royal Bank of OZ and has left you a million dollars, hmm?

No. This is for real. When you build a list and have prospects who know, like and trust you and you are using a Top of the Industry Auto-Responder to communicate with that list, you need something to sell them.

Maybe you already have something. Digital Products or maybe super healthy coffee, or maybe weight loss products. Maybe. But how about having just about everything to sell?

I am, and have been an affiliate marketer with SFI since 2012. I have been Paid every single month. It is a great program. Here is what you can offer. Every prospect you engage results in commissions for life. No matter what they buy, no matter from whom.

  1. Regular real products from the TripleClicks Store. Vitamins to TVs, Tablets, Thai Food to Toilet Paper. Almost any real product you can imagine.
  2. You can earn on Auctions (Astro Auctions).
  3. You earn on Gamers (Eager Zebra Games).
  4. You earn whenever your prospect buys from 1000’s of affiliated Websites (RECA).
  5. You earn when your prospect buys from 1000s of affiliated Brick and Mortar businesses (Localvantia).
  6. You earn when your prospect uses any of 100s of affiliated independent service providers (Flexxity).
  7. You earn when your prospect joins a Community Website for and by e-commerce entrepreneurs (Ecommergy)

Virtually every activity in that list creates reward points called Rewardicals (Radical Rewards). On every activity Rewardical Tokens (RTs) are given to both the prospect and the sponsor of that prospect. That would be you. These RTs are a reward, not a commission. You receive regular cash commissions on every transaction. But you will also receive loyalty rewards.

To date SFI has given away 934,463,632 RTs of which I currently have 100,882 tokens. But of which I have earned over the past 3 years more than 2,000,000 tokens. When exchanged for cash, 690 RTs is currently $1.00. You do the math.

Image Dated April 10 2021. Today there are more.

RTs can be exchanged for many things including Cash, Products, Affiliates in your downline, Bitcoin, and much more. They even have a tutorial video that shows you how to redeem them.

So add SFI to you Affiliate Marketing efforts and promote about any product or service for Cash commissions and get your share of the of those 900 million tokens. I have.

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