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Why Pay More?

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Most Mailing companies increase the cost of your mailing program as your list grows, as the number of mailing campaigns grow and/or as your number of mailings a month grow in.

You may have less than 500 on your list but you mail them 5 times a month that is 2500 mailings and your price goes up.

I experienced this with another company. I had a list under 500 so I qualified for the free pricing, but I had a study going on. I emailed all participants the study material once a week, and twice a month I sent a short commentary from an expert on our study topic. And this was all in Thai!!!

I exceeded the “mailings per month” limit and my account was locked until I paid an upgraded price. That made a mess of my study. To keep going, what choice did I have but to pay.

There were 4 choices of upgrades. All four were pricey. And I thought, do I upgrade two levels just to be sure I am not locked again? Do I go to the Highest Level, that was $299.00 a month, but I got all the features and manageable limits. And it was my plan to grow. We all have that plan right?

Then I found TrafficWave. In TrafficWave you have a fixed price. With the 1 price you have access to All the Features. There is no upgrades. Unlimited List Size, Unlimited mailings, Unlimited Campaigns. All one price. Guess what service I use now?

And I made that switch over nine years ago. Still with TrafficWave and still moving along just fine. All the Features and an ever growing list.

Do you know How to build your list? Here are three points I think are important :

The number one most important thing is to build an audience, often called a List. But people don’t follow through. A big mistake is people just get a bunch of emails. You want to think Audience, not List. If you do not keep your Audience engaged they walk out.

The number 2 most important thing is to build the “know, like and trust” factor. Your content should be 80% Value and 20% promotions. Most people just post, “I just found a great new blah, blah, blah.” There is no Story, no Connection. I am not getting to know you. How can I like someone I do not know? Why would I trust you?

The number 3 most important thing is genuinely serve this audience. Genuinely serving will result in a Buy Response. Disingenuous serving, serving to sell, is manipulation. People know the difference.

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