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Is There a Secret To Email Marketing Success?

By Brian Rooney Owner of TrafficWave

The quick answer is, “No”. There really isn’t a big secret to email marketing success. We all see the reports about how profitable email marketing can be and how every business should be using it. But if your business isn’t experiencing success, you may be wondering what you are missing. This article is designed to help you get unstuck and starting experiencing the power of email marketing.

The first step is to get rid of any confusion about what email marketing is and what it isn’t. Email marketing is not about spamming a bunch of people with ridiculous and unbelievable offers. The power of email marketing happens when you actually build a solid relationship with prospects and show them how you can help them solve a problem.

In fact, the first real secret to email marketing success could be narrowed down to that one word: Relationship. Think about it like this: We all prefer to do business with someone we know, like, and trust. Given the option of where I like to do business, I intentionally choose to spend my money with someone that I believe is going to take the best care of me.

The next so-called secret to email marketing success can be to understand the process involved. What I constantly bang the drum about is that we need to drive traffic to build the list so we can build rapport to drive sales. Let’s look at those steps.

Step 1: Drive Traffic. This can be via advertising, networking, social media, etc… Drive traffic to your capture page so you can …

Step 2: Build Your List. As people come to your site, they will see your offer and have an opportunity to request more information by filling out the capture form. Once somebody joins your list, you can begin to …

Step 3: Build Rapport. Set up your automated followup letters to show your subscribers that you understand their problem and that you can provide them with a solution. As you begin to build  that rapport and your readers begin to realize they can trust you, you can then …

Step 4: Drive Sales. This is the step where your subscribers make the decision to say “I trust you. Here’s my money. Help me solve my problem.”.

When you approach email marketing with this philosophy of providing a solution, sales becomes the natural result. Businesses that are able to do this effectively are successfully tapping in to the secret to email marketing success.

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