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One thing You Must Do

Do you Have a List?

There is no advice about making money online that is more valuable than what I am about to share with you.


I used the word MUST on purpose. I didn’t say that you “should” build an email list. I said that you MUST build an email list and I mean it.

Every successful marketer I know considers their email list the #1 asset in their business.

I would have failed in my business if I didn’t start building an email list back in 2011. My email list has saved my business more times that I can possibly count.

There is nothing more powerful than having a group of people who know, like and trust you when it comes to what you do for a living. If people see you as an authority, then they will follow your advice. If people follow your advice, then you can be a great marketer and affiliate.

You cannot build authority between yourself and another human being in a single interaction. Building trust and showing your skills takes time. That is why you MUST have an email list. You need to be communicating with people over and over again to show that you can be trusted and that you know what you are talking about.

Imagine that you are single and at a party. You start talking to a stranger and really hit it off. This person could be “the one”. At the end of the party, you say goodbye and each go your separate ways. You never got the person’s name or their phone number. You never see or hear from them again and have no way to contact them.

Or suppose you know that you might never see them again and so that very first night, you ask them to marry you. what are the chances that they will say “Yes”? As a metter of fact, if they say “Yes” then maybe a few red flags should go up in your head. Watch out.

Why is your business any different?

You do all the work and spend your time and money to get people to visit your website (the Party) and then you don’t even have a compelling way to collect their email address? What a waste. That visitors could be a future partner or your best customer of all time. However, since you didn’t get their email, you will never know.

Or, again, suppose you “pop the question” the “want to join my business” question. Even if the person says yes, which most will not, they probably will not stick around long. 

There is only one way to build a responsive email list. You need to have a compelling offer that your ideal prospect sees as irresistible. If they give you their email address, you will give them something that they simply must have. If you have an offer that is compelling and you send enough visitors who are the right people to see the offer, then you will build your list.

Most beginning marketers try to skip these steps. They are impatient and want to go right to the sale.
Most beginning marketers just do not believe the truth, People don’t buy from strangers.

Successful marketers know that the sale comes after the relationship is built, not before. They have patience and focus on helping people before they ask for the sale.

If you have started building your List that is Great. Keep at it. Be Patient. Consistently offer value to the people on your List.

If you have not started, I have probably never said this, but


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