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Email Marketing In Bad Times

George McBride
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Is email marketing in bad times a good idea? I think so. Let me talk about why.

During economic down turns, many companies will pull back on their marketing budgets. This means less competition with other advertisers, which leads to more opportunities for your business.

Fear also creates some of your best opportunities in marketing. If your product, service, or opportunity can help alleviate some fear or pain or loss for your readers, a down turn in the financial climate may be your golden opportunity in disguise.

email marketing in bad times

So this is a great time to dust off some of your email marketing and autoresponder letters.

Email Marketing has proven to be an inexpensive method for reaching customers. By analyzing your previous successes (and even your past failures) you can breath some new life in to your sales by effectively using email marketing in bad times.

Here are some tips you can use to boost email marketing effectiveness:

Review your past statistics including click-throughs and open rates.

If your stats show positive results, rebroadcast that offer (if it’s still relevant).

If your stats for a particular offer are weak, revamp the message by reworking the subject line, the copy, and/or the call to action. More Copy Writing Ideas!!!

Look for previously missed opportunities. Perhaps your message can be revamped to capitalize on current events.

Once you are done revamping your letters, Recycle subscribers that have previously finished receiving your autoresponder letters. That way they will be reminded without getting the exact same email.

Review your lead capture pages to see if you can improve your subscription rates.

Be sure your messages are personalized by merging contact information in to the subject lines and message body.

Review your current email marketing messages to see if they can be broken up into articles and submitted to article directories or blogs.

By periodically reviewing past performance of your email marketing campaigns, you can often spot opportunities for improvements which can lead to increased revenues.

The best part is that your only investment in this strategy is a bit of time and mental focus.

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