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9 Tips on Making Sales

“How Do I Make Sales?”

That is a question I get Asked ALLLLLL the time.

“I see so many people posting their results, but I haven’t made a single sale yet. What am I doing wrong?”

Another Good Question.

The key to selling any product, program, or software is consistency and having a methodical approach to marketing.

Here are 10 tips to make more sales:

  1. Focus on building your list. An email list is your #1 asset. It’s traffic on demand. Once someone is on your list, you can send emails to them over and over and over.
  2. Because you can ail them any time you like, you do not have to try and sell them something in every email. You can take time to build rapport.
  3. Building an email list takes money or time. If you can’t afford paid advertising, you’ll need to put in the time. Network on Faceook, advertise on safelists. Whatever you do, you have to be consistent. And do not advertise products or programs. Use this advertising to invite people onto you list. When you advertise a product or a program you are asking your prospect to say Yes or No. 98% say no. End of discussion. But an invitation to your list is a Maybe/Learn More request. 36% say Okay, Yeah.
  4. As people Join your List, send them at least one email per day – consistently! Automate this with an auto-responder like TrafficWave
  5. Send 50 to 100 friend requests in social media every day. And then follow up and build relationships in Messenger/chat/or inbox features of the social media platform.
  6. Never push your offer from the start. Ask them what they do online. 90% of the time they’ll ask you what you do. So, tell them what you promote but do not promote it. Ask if they’re interested. Then, and only then, give them the link.
  7. When people join you in Social Media share helpful ideas (not sales) inviting them to Learn More y joining your list. You can Also use TrafficWave/Zapier integration to add your social media friends to your email list.
  8. Create a video review tools you use or services you use. Post it on YouTube. In your YouTube post include an invitation to join your list and Learn More. Then post the video in your social media. Also send the video to your email list, but when you send it to your email list include links to join the program or buy the product. A lot of people are having success with this method. Examples:
  9. Contact your sponsor and ask them what they’re doing to make sales.

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