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A lot of entrepreneurs are wondering how to do email marketing right. This article is provided to get you started in the right direction, When you do email marketing right, the results are outstanding.

The good news and bad news is that successful email marketing is really pretty simple. This is good news because if you have the ability to use the internet (like you did to find this article) and can write an email, you are pretty much set in terms of “technical know-how”. It’s also bad news because the actual work we do is so simple a lot of folks just don’t take it seriously enough to get good email  marketing results.

Here are the basic steps you will want to take in order to get the most out of your email marketing:

Choose a Reputable Email Marketing Service Provider Businesses around the world use TrafficWave due to our ability to integrate with thousands of other applications you might use for scheduling, contact management, calendars, data segmentation, etc.. But before you even get in to all the integration, TrafficWave has everything you need to start building your list of targeted prospects. You can even get started with a Free 30 Day Trial and take advantage of a Free List Building Course to get started quickly.

Upgrade at any time during your free 30 day trial and pay just 60 cents per day ($17.95 per month)

Create a Followup Campaign Once you’ve selected the company you want to work with, you will set up your followup campaign. This is your set of followup letters that will go out to those folks who express an interest in your offer. Ideally, this should be a series of 5-8 letters designed to show your prospects how you can help them solve a problem and how to order from you. Followup is the key to success and your TrafficWave AutoResponder makes this a very easy task.

Create Your Capture Form/Page Once you have your followup letters set up, you will need a way for interested prospects to ask for your info. This is where your capture form comes in. If you have a web site or blog, you can add capture form code to it within a minute or two. If you don’t have a web site or blog, you will want to create a capture page. TrafficWave offers some basic capture page layouts and can integrate with many other 3rd party capture page systems via Zapier.

Drive Traffic Now that you have your followup campaign set up and your capture forms ready to take on new subscribers, the next task is to drive traffic to your capture page. We promote a LOT through organic social media promotion. In our experience, this gives us the best exposure to people who are interested in what we offer. We also participate in a variety of discussion groups and forums related to industries we serve. We run safelist ads. We network in the real world.

We Are Just Getting Started This is where we see a lot of new internet marketers miss the target. They get things set up and then don’t really engage much beyond that. Here is where the pros separate themselves.

Remember … we are talking about how to do email marketing right; not just how to get email marketing started and hope for the best.

Your Next Steps This is where the results come in. You will now begin testing. You absolutely must test to get the best results.

Test Your Promotion Are your ads, posts, links, etc… getting people to your capture page? If not, or if you want to see more results, start testing. Try a different headline. Try a different call to action. Try changing the offer up a bit. Try changing the copy. Test ONE element at a time. If you change the headline and the call to action, you won’t really know what caused the change in results.

Test Your Capture Page Once you’ve got people going to your site or capture page, the next thing to test is: Are people signing up to learn more? If not, start testing this part of the process. Same deals. Change ONE element to see how it impacts your results. Brian Rooney recently said, “George McBride recently changed ONE work on his capture form button and saw his result skyrocket.” He is right, I did. Testing is the key.

Test Your Letters Now that you are getting subscribers, it’s time to start tracking your open rate. Are subscribers opening your letters? If not, the next step is to improve your open rate.

Test Your Click-Through Rate Once you’ve got folks opening your messages, track your click-through rate. How many readers are clicking through from your email to your site? What are they clicking in your email? Is it a text link? a button? a video? Knowing these details can help you dramatically improve your email marketing success. TrafficWave has all the tracking tools you need to do this Automatically

The good news is: Each of these steps is really pretty simple to follow. If you’re brand new to email marketing, it can look like a lot. But once you get started, you will see that the process itself is really very simple.

Once you’ve got the results dialed in, the next step is to ramp up promotion to get more activity, more leads, and more sales.

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