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How do you build a good mailing list? Any email marketing success begins and ends with preparation. A plan must be in place before you start collecting those email addresses. It is important that you know what will happen after your potential customer has signed up, what they receive, and how are they segmented. Read on to discover how to get the most out of email marketing.

Principle 1 – Plan on Solving a Problem

If you want to build a good mailing list, make sure the messages you are sending solve a problem for your potential customers. They are joining your list with one primary question on their mind: “What’s in it for me?”. Make sure the messages you write answers that question.

Principle 2 – Use double opt-in

This helps you make sure your information is going out to valid, verified, and targeted recipients. You won’t profit from a big list of unverified, junk, fake, or unmotivated recipients.

Good recipients mean those who open your mails, display activity and click on the links in your messages.

Without good open rates and Click through rates your Deliver-ability will drop significantly because your messages will increasingly be designated as spam by email providers.

Principle 3 – Never buy recipients for your newsletter

NEVER ever buy recipients for your newsletter and mailing list. It may be tempting to buy 50,000 or 100,000 recipients, but at best it’s not worth the money – at worst, it can be a disaster for your business.

Most purchased lists are filled with SPAM traps that will destroy the value of your entire mailing list. A SPAM-trap is old outdated addresses that the recipient has closed 1-2 years ago, and which the mailing server – Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, or others – have made a trap. If you hit only 1 of these in your broadcast, you may risk that all the messages in your prospects emails are retracted into the SPAM folder – and at worst, completely deleted.

If they are not getting your email they cannot be opening them.

Principle 4 – Do not forget your website

Many companies completely forget the placement of the sign-up form (sign up form) on their website. A good location is not only on your frontpage since a lot of people do not see your front page at all. Therefore, the form must always be in the footer area (area at the bottom of the page found on all sides) or at the top of the page. With TrafficWave, you can easily create the registration form for your site using the capture form code.

Principle 5 –  Use a good layout

A great template and the content of emails together make the difference between opening and click-through rates.

TrafficWave offers a powerful letter editor so you can easily create the perfectly designed newsletter. The design, header, footer and other content will automatically fit each newsletter.

As well TrafficWave provides tracking on your links and a “heat map” that will help you improve link placement to maximize click throughs.

Principle 6 – A little common sense

Learn to think like your subscribers. Why are they on your list? What do they want to learn from you? Forgetting the purpose of your letters, forgetting your audience, or overwhelming them with irrelevant information can cause your unsubscribes to go up and your sales to go down.

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