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Email Marketing Goals and How To Reach Them

If you want to achieve email marketing success, it is important to set and work toward quantifiable email marketing goals. The challenge for many entrepreneurs is that they may not understand how to do that.

So many entrepreneurs believe the only goal they should focus on is sales. This causes the focus of the entrepreneur to be on his business and his goals not those of his customer/prospect. While sales is important and the ultimate goal, it is important to work backwards from there to reach the intermittent goals that lead to sales.

Once you have joined TrafficWave and set up your first campaign, and you have created a capture page or added capture form to your web site, your focus should be on the following goals:

1) Driving Traffic To Your Offer Whether this is through paid advertising, free advertising, networking, or a combination of these, you absolutely must be driving traffic to your offer. Otherwise, nobody will see the offer and you will simply have a well kept secret on your hands.

2) Building Your List is the next on your list of email marketing goals. Once you start getting eyeballs on your offer, on your Lead Magnet, you need to track how many visitors convert to actual prospects. If you aren’t getting subscribers, your offer may need work. You may need to adjust your copy, your call to action, layout, etc… Testing this and getting the right balance is critical to building your list.

3) Building Rapport Now that you have prospects in your autoresponder, the next item on your list of email marketing goals is to build a strong rapport. How do you do this? Your messages should be demonstrating how you help your prospects solve a problem. If all you do is hammer your readers with offers after offer to buy your stuff, they will quickly lose interest.

Your readers joined your list because they wanted to learn more. This is your opportunity to build that rapport, show them how you can help, and let them see why they should do business with you. This is what brings us to the last goal.

4) Close The Sale When your prospects feel they know, like, and trust you, they are more likely to do business with you. Simply put, they are more likely to spend money with you if you have shown them how you can help them solve a problem, right?

This is why we break down our email marketing goals. We can track the results at each step in the process. We can do whatever we need to do in order to drive traffic. We can track how well that traffic is converting to people joining our list. We can track how many people on our list are opening our emails and clicking through to our offers. And, we can track the number of sales we are making.

This method makes is much easier to pinpoint if something isn’t working and lets us decide where to put our energy. If we are getting a good conversion rate and people are joining our list, but they aren’t buying. So, we would focus on our follow up messages to see how we can improve those results.

Feel free to drop any questions, comments, or feedback in the comments section, below.

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I’d like having an exemple of a campain of email marketing with SFI working process. Is it conform with SFI rules to apply SFI currently owned PSA in TW autoresponder processing?

I use TW to provide Free Ad Training to my PSAs. I use TW to help, especially English 2nd language people, to have Stream Messages and Genealogy mailing material. They enroll in a campaign and I send them a Stream message that they can post in their SFI Affiliate area. This helps them to help their PSAs. As a sponsor it does not violate SFI rules to help an affiliate grow their SFI business. This may include people purchasing tools that they need. It would be a violation to recruit people away from SFI to another affiliate marketing effort.

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