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How To Create Success In Affiliate Marketing

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Wondering how to create success in Affiliate Marketing? You’re not alone! My goal with this article is to help you get a better understanding of what it takes and how to do it.

The first thing you want to realize is that we actually CREATE success in affiliate marketing. We don’t stumble in to it. We don’t win the lottery.  We actually MAKE Success Happen by doing the simple things consistently.

Success in affiliate marketing comes down to a few simple realities that we absolutely must face if we want to create financial freedom:

Affiliate Marketing Is a Business I see people constantly treat affiliate marketing like a lottery ticket, a social club, or a “spare-time” habit. But the people that succeed in affiliate marketing know that it is a business. As with any business, the goal is to find customers for your product or service.

Traditional retail business models have you in a situation where you have to invest a lot of money getting started, opening a store, aquiring inventory, and more. Tremendous financial start up costs. Then you generate your customers and you are the one doing the work. Affiliate marketing lets you apply leverage to build a team so that you can move more products and provide services to more customers with much lower start up costs.

Affiliate Marketing Takes Work Yes, you can build your affiliate marketing business part-time. In fact, in most cases, I recommend starting on a part-time basis. Here’s the key: Part-time is very different from “spare-time”. That person who can consistently put 5 to 10 hours per week in to building their affiliate marketing business will eventually create success in affiliate marketing. That person who is always in that “When I have the time” mode isn’t going to experience success. The worst part is, they will ultimately decide “affiliate marketing didn’t work” when, in reality, it was them that did not do the work.

Affiliate Marketing Takes Time We all love seeing those “over night success stories” about how someone went from rags to riches in 90 days or less. Here’s the part they don’t mention in those stories. Sure, that person may have reached that incredible success level within 90 days of launching the business they are with, now. But the story often omits the part about how this new “super distributor” spent years training, learning, making mistakes, trying things, and falling on their face before they put it all together. If you can’t commit to building your new business for at least a full year on a part-time basis, I recommend staying away from any affiliate marketing company.

Here is where I stand: If you are going to spend the next year at your regular job … KNOWING it will not make you financially free… commit your evenings and weekends over the next year to LEARNING and BUILDING your new affiliate marketing business.

Then, you will be in a much better position to determine your next step, whether that be early retirement, scaling down your day job, or scaling to a whole new level of success. Just remember: We CREATE Success in Affiliate Marketing.

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