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How to Recruit More and Retain Better Affiliates and Customers

This article is going to spend a little bit of time showing you how to recruit more and retain better affiliates and customers. When you do that your business grows.

As a top 100 TripleClick Sales Affiliate and Top Rated Sponsor both in SFI and TraficWave I get a “birds-eye view” of what is going on. I get to see my downline groups growing, when groups stop growing, when someone is really taking off, and when someone is backing off.

Over the years, I have seen a very clearly defined trend among Affiliates that really puts them in to two distinct groups. This is not referring to people who are customers only and have no desire or  intention to refer others. Customers are simply using these products and tools to build their own businesses and that’s AWESOME!

This article is designed to help Affiliates get a better understanding of how to build a solid stable income through the TrafficWave Affiliate plan. But the principles are true for any Affiliate Program that is sustainable*.

Both distinct groups of Affiliates, mentioned above, want to build more income. Both groups are working to refer other TrafficWave users. But the big difference I have seen is that one group focuses solely on “recruiting” while the other is actually using the tools and/or products.

So the two Groups are:
A: Marketing Affiliate Recruiters
B: Marketing Affiliate Users

Group B does two things better than Group A:

1. They are Using the tools.

2. They are Showing others how to use the tools.

That’s the big secret and the big difference. Consider your own TrafficWave business for a moment. Which makes more sense to you from a business perspective:

1. Trying to just recruit more people and hope they stick? OR …

2. Actually USING these powerful tools to build your own lists, selling to those lists, and showing your referrals how to do the same?

Really think about that for a moment. If someone joins your team for the sole reason that they are hoping for spillover or some sort of “magic bean” they might get lucky. But any old wind will blow them off course and they will quickly jump ship looking for the next pot of gold or “power team build” ( and those things pop up left and right ). This is why you see so many people “sign up”, never take any real action, and quit so soon.

This is true of any Affiliate Marketing Program. For example, in SFI, my primary program, a person joins to make money. He does not join to use the products, services, or educational tools. He does not join to advance his business using the RECA or Localvantia program. He joins to sell all that to others, but not use any of it. Why would I buy it if he does not use it?

I’m not knocking “Group A recruiters” at all. I think we all do better when we are able to work together with a team that is committed to our mutual success. A good team will be focused on helping existing team members get good business results AND will show them how to recruit more new team members. But “team” shouldn’t mean, “Join us and we will make you rich”. It should mean “partner with us and we will work together for everyone’s success!”

If someone joins your team because they know they can build a powerful business asset (their list) for less than 60 cents a day … and they begin building that list … and they begin generating sales through that list … doesn’t it just make sense that they would stay with you longer and even refer others based on their own success? This is how retention is accomplished. Help your referrals get RESULTS by USING the tools.

I want you to understand that this is my own process. I USE these tools, myself. I have other business projects I am involved with SFI, Crypto Currency, Online advertising and more, and I build lists to generate sales in those projects. (I personally USE these tools). I also build a list specifically focused on showing others how to use these tools to build their lists. Some of my referrals have been with me for 10 years! This is because they have LISTS and they get RESULTS with those lists! And, now matter how many referrals I recruit, “recruit more” is always on my list of things to do.

Remember the 30 Minute List Building Challenge

I use this simple system that shows people exactly how they can get started building a list with our system within minutes! When people actually build a list, they are more motivated to stay with us because they want to keep that business asset and generate sales. As they generate sales they can quickly and easily show other businesses how to do the same. As a result, their TrafficWave income grows.

One of the reasons I am consistently showing up in the Top Affiliates reports is because I am USING my autoresponder campaigns to build lists and sell products. I am showing other online marketers how they can use the TrafficWave system to build their own lists with TrafficWave. This is why I am able to recruit more new team members each week.

I have money that:
Comes in every week through Fast Track Bonuses.
Comes in every month through Residual Commissions.
Comes in daily, weekly, etc… because I have a list to whom I sell my products!

Build Your Credibility With Your Lists

Building your own lists gives you a lot more credibility in the market. Would you take fitness advice from someone who was dramatically out of shape, never worked out, and ate nothing but junk food? No! You would look for someone who is in good (or great) shape and follow their example. You might even buy a gym membership and pay a trainer! Why? They have achieved the results you are looking for!

It should be the same with your TrafficWave business. Build your lists. Sell to your lists. Teach your lists how to build and sell to their lists. You will find that you get a much more solid customer base as your referrals USE and benefit from the tools. You will also find that your fellow Affiliates are more productive at referring because they have results and can teach how to get results.

Imagine how quickly your team can grow and how strong that team will be when you have a bunch of your team members getting solid results and growing their referrals as part of that process.

Once you have an account, be sure to take advantage of the 30 Minute List Building Challenge as you begin promoting your TrafficWave affiliate site. Build your lists. Get results. Your belief will skyrocket and that will absolutely make you recruit more and be a more effective business builder for you and your team!

Communicate With Your Team

Communicating with your team is a big factor in your overall success. In the Affiliate Manager section of your back office, you will see a link labeled, “Email Referrals”.

This link gives you a quick way to communicate with your direct referrals so you can share your results and tips as you build your lists and show them how to do the same. This is a quick and easy way for you to make sure your team stays updated and is aware of how available you are to help them succeed in building their income.

So the core principles of success as a TrafficWave Affiliate come down to:

1. Using the tools to build your lists.

2. Teaching your referrals to do the same.

Success will come as a result of following these two principles faithfully.

FootNote* An Affiliate Program that is sustainable has specific characteristics. Two are:
1. It has a sustainable and viable compensation plan. This means they must reward their affiliates well, but not in a way that will ultimately destroy the business.
2. The rewards incite the actions that will grow the overall business, not just enrich a few top affiliates or just the business owners. Actions that deplete the rewards for a majority of affiliate or that can be fraudulently abused are quickly discontinued.

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A long term success is built on a strong healthy list. That list is both Customers and Prospects. What I do is:
Attract Prospects using Lead Magnets
Provide Value Content to those prospects
Market Affiliate products to those prospects
Resulting in a customer list based on Buying behavior
And Promoting to these customers based on their behavior

A current example Thai Food. I started a Thai Food FB Group posting pictures and videos of Thai Food. I ran a video that went viral resulting in 6000 people in my Group. People began asking for Recipes. I set up a Recipe Campaign in TrafficWave and with each recipe I offer the sale of Products to make the food. I make sales of the products and people keep coming back for more. My income increases monthly because New customers are always being added to my regular customer base.

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