Affiliate Marketing

Are you Using Bridge Pages?

My Page is The Bridge

What is a Bridge Page. It is any page you must pass through to get to the Target Site.

Let’s say I want to promote a Free Ad Site. I use their Promotional pages. The prospect responds and he is added to my Affiliate group on that Ad Site. Some sites do not even tell me the names or emails of the people I recruit to, what happens to be, Their List.

I recruit people to Their List. Why? Honestly most sites, especially free to join sites are just building a list and using your work to do so.

Sometimes there are advantages to building their list. Such as Ad Credits earned for each referral, or Commissions earned if that referral buys anything.

But the Lion’s Share of the value of the referral ends up with the site owner. The site owner is promoting other ad sites, Crypto sites, emailing programs, and whatever else. If your referral responds to the Site Owners promotions then your referral becomes their referral in all those other sites.

And your referral responds, knows, likes and trusts the Site Owner more than you. In 80% of my ad programs I do not even know who my sponsor is. But I do know the names of many site owners.

So I ask Again, Why?

A Bridge Page captures the referrals information before he ever gets to the sign up page or the target site. Here is an example, and one you should take advantage of. My offer:

3,000 Mailing Credits for free

That is the Bridge page. You go to that page I will email you the offer. Of course I cannot do that unless you give me, not the target site but me, your name and email. That done, the prospect is on my list. Now I email him the actual offer. He must cross my Bridge to get to the offer.

Here is another Bridge page I made. Narak Shopping has a Loyalty Program. If I recruit people to shop there and they join the Loyalty Program on Achariya’s site, they become her List Member.

But if they join the Loyalty program from my Bridge page, they become my List Member and are qualified in Narak Shopping to receive Loyalty Points.

If you’re doing the work shouldn’t you receive the benefits? Use a Bridge Page.