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4 Steps To Creating Cash Flow with Email Marketing

Four Steps

I have published my free ebook: 4 Steps To Creating Cash Flow with Email Marketing and the response, so far, has been outstanding!

I created this blog post to invite discussions, questions, etc… among our readers and I look forward to hearing your feedback as you put this guide in to action for your business.

If you have not yet downloaded this free ebook, just click the link below to get started:

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Feel free to post your questions, comments, etc… below. I monitor this section daily and will do my best to respond to your questions quickly!

My Personal Experience / Progress, So Far:

My offer is the Ebook you downloaded and are either reading or have already read.

1) I created the ebook itself.
2) I created a capture page (a few of them, actually).
3) I created my follow up letters in a brand new Autoresponder campaign.
4) I started driving traffic to my capture pages through social media, free ad services, and paid ad services.

In the first 4 days, over 220 people have subscribed to my list. They want to know how to create cash flow with email marketing. (You may be one of them!)

This is a real-world example of how I am using these 4 steps to create cash flow in my email marketing business. I’m generating new leads and taking on new clients. You can use these steps to create results in your business, too!

George McBride

PS. Due to the current economic stress I needed to earn some money quickly. I have a List in TrafficWave where I contacted the members with a great opportunity. Two months of intensive engagement resulted in:
$9976.00 in one time purchases
$874.00 in subscription, monthly recurring purchases.

List Building works.