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Creating Email Marketing Momentum

George McBride
I Love TrafficWave

Creating email marketing momentum is a very powerful and very simple way to make sure you are able to grow your business.

I have a FB group called I Love Thai Food. It currently has 205, 500 members.

When I first started the group I was very consistent in posting relevant content. I kept the posts on message. I did not allow others to post irrelevant content or blatantly promotional content. The members appreciated this and showed it by inviting their friends to the group.

We began to pick up momentum. Now the group increases in membership by 1000s every day. Momentum is a powerful thing.

But sales, though they increased, they climbed slowly.

I had set up an email campaign in TrafficWave which would weekly send out a new recipe to the subscriber list. But I was not driving traffic to my Thai Food Capture Page consistently.

So for the past 2 months I have been posting content to my FB group and inviting them to get more recipes using my Landing Capture Page.

I started getting about 6 new subscribers every day to my email list. Those subscribers were getting good content, good recipes. Then they began telling their friends to sign up for my email recipes. They began saying how good the recipes were. They began posting things like, “for the first time I made a Thai dish and it was so easy using George’s recipes”

More and more people began subscribing. More and more sales resulted. Momentum is a powerful thing and email marketing helps you automate that momentum.

You start by setting up a campaign, a series of emails, in my case a series of Thai Food recipes. You then set the timing for sending that series of emails. I started with 10 recipes, 10 emails, one mailed out every seven days. This means my subscriber would hear from me once a week for 10 weeks.

Once you have your campaign set up, you want to make a capture page. My Thai Food Capture Page is simple. TrafficWave has many templates and services so you can step by step build a Page.

Next is to begin driving traffic to your capture page. You will want to make sure you are doing this on a regular (daily) basis. This can and should be done through your social media accounts, any advertising you have, etc… The ads you set up, the posts you make, the tweets you share, etc… will live online for quite a while.

What I do is post a Thai Food picture, last nights dinner, and in the text I talk about the food, some key ingredient, who made it, how tasty it is and such. I end the post with an invitation to subscribe to my recipe emails, and I include the link to my Capture Page.

Sometimes I may include the recipe itself, such as this recipe for Chicken Feet. If you go to that recipe you will see a capture form in the top right corner, inviting people to get my email recipes.

The key here is “consistency”. Creating email marketing momentum happens when we are consistent. Doing a little bit here and there, from time to time, etc… will not create that momentum we need to get successful results. As you take daily action, you can begin to see momentum build up in your overall stats including subscriber counts and sales.

As your list begins growing, you will have those subscribers that decide to do business with you, subscribers who remove themselves, and subscribers who complete your followup series without taking action. When they complete your automated series, they are marked as “finished”.  You will want to check your list about once per week and recycle any subscribers who are marked as “finished”.

This keeps your messages in front of your subscribers. Sometimes, we have folks that decide to join us months or even years after subscribing.

And, of course, don’t forget to broadcast special offers, announcements, etc… to your readers as appropriate.

These types of consistent activity will have you creating email marketing momentum before you know it.

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