Affiliate Marketing

Without the right Tools the Job can be Hard.

If you were planting a tomato in a pot on your porch you might use your hands (hobby).

If you’re planting 20 tomato plants in your back yard garden you’ll probably use a shovel.

And if you are running a tomato farm in order to make a living you’d have a tractor.

The same is true for every online entrepreneur. If you want to succeed big you have to be ready to scale up as time goes on. You will not be able to make a living or even feed your family if you stick with just using your own two hands. You have to start acquiring the tools to succeed.

Here is my process. Identify a niche. Build an audience in that niche. Provide that Niche a reason to get onto my email list. Consistently promote value content to that list with my product and opportunity promotions.

Example. I started a Facebook group called I Love Thai Food. In January I began building it. I now have 51,000 members. I promote YouTubes that shared about Thai Food. Here is an example:

In that video you will see a banner on the left to get my Cookbook (my list).

Here is another video example, Click on the Hormoke Talaa Recipe to the left. A recipe where you can get my cookbook or buy products:

Once on my list they get a recipe every week and my product ads to go with it.

Among the 51,000 people several people have joined to promote their Thai foods to my audience. I have a sub niche were I promote Flexxity and RECA (A website community for E-Commerse Sites) to these people as well as other promotional skills.

What are my Tools?
1. Social Media Account
2. Web Hosting for Website and Blog
3. TrafficWave Auto-responder for List Building
4. SFI my Affiliate Marketing Resource

Start today with building an Audience.

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