As an Affiliate Marketer you must have affiliate products to promote and sell. I want to sell Real Products and get Paid Real Money for doing so. That is why I love this product.

Are you are familiar with Mighty 101 All Purpose Cleaner.? It is the “perfect product”. Why?

First it is very price competitive. One Packet makes one 750ml bottle of all purpose Cleaner. Here are some of the products that you could replace with Mighty101 and just look at the savings.

You could buy Mighty101 for 99 Cents (750 ml bottle) as compare to these Amazon Products you are probably familiar with:

Windex, 680 ml, cost on Amazon, $2.97 a bottle (you must buy 6) plus shipping.
Scotch Guard Carpet Cleaner $6.87
TECH Carpet Cleaner $12.49
Lysol All Purpose Bathroom Cleaner $3.96
Easy-Off Specialty Kitchen Degreaser Cleaner $7.90

All these products are on Amazon check for yourself. And these prices do not include Shipping. Mighty101 ships free and you do not need to be an Amazon Prime member to get that free shipping. Haha!

The second reason it is a Perfect Product is, it is a consumable. People buy it over and over again. So you make money by recruiting new customers and you make money every time an old customer returns to place an order. That is a growing residual income. 

Now how best to promote MIghty101? On all my Social Media I am placing one of two splash pages every day. I use both and I alternate back and forth.

First a straight forward ad Splash Page with a short Video. (You can purchase this at TripleClicks)

Second a Sales Page with a Landing Capture Page, followed up by a short email campaign. Some people want more information others just want to see the product, so I use both. (You can purchase this at Flexxity)

Now what do I post every day. Again I alternate between two “styles”. 

My First “style” is my personal experience with the product. I posted this in my “I Love Thai Food” Facebook Group.

“I love Good Food and My Wife is a Good Cook. We live in Thailand. We cook over charcoal, and over a gas flame. When cooking Thaifood, the Grease Splatters.

This is a Home and Industrial strength Cleaner. Yes in Thai cooking lots of grease splatters. But Mighty 101 will clean it in seconds, even in an industrial kitchen. Here is a quick literally 30 second video. This is an ECO Friendly powerful Pet and Human Friendly All Purpose Cleaner.

My Second “style” is the experience of others. Each Day I went to the review section of Mighty101 in TripleClicks and got a review. Here is the first one I used:

Mighty 101 Review

Here is the image link feel free yo steal it.

I then added some personalized text and the link to one of the 2 pages above. I strongly suggest using one of these pages, or one you make yourself, as a bridge between the prospect and the product. But if you do not want to do that you could just use a Share Link out of TripleClicks for the Mighty101 Product.

Here my wife, Awn, used her Twitter feed to make a promotion for me.

Awn's Twitter Feed

This is how I am making sales and growing my prospect list.

If you are an Affiliate Marketer and you need Real Products to promote and Real Cash Commissions then take a look at my Video Resume and see if I am Qualified.